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To help you stay ahead of participant trends and sentiment, ConnectYourCare recently surveyed over 23,000 participants in tax-advantaged accounts to gather their insight and perceptions.

In this NEW report from ConnectYourCare, you’ll learn what HSA participants said are their biggest health care concerns, and gain visibility into their usage habits and investment perspectives.

Trends Report

Did you know:

  • 75% say their employer is effective at communicating the benefits of tax-advantaged accounts.
  • One fifth of accountholders (20.4%) rate themselves as only somewhat knowledgeable or not knowledgeable at all about how their accounts work.
  • Those under 25 rate their own account knowledge the lowest, and are also the least likely to rate their employers as effective communicators.

Start the new year off right by staying ahead of participant trends.  Download your copy of ConnectYourCare’ CDH Participant Trends Mid-Year 2017 Report today!

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